Your partners in delivering outstanding orthodontic treatment outcomes.

The Ortho Partners Vision

We are here to teach and support committed practitioners to ensure the best patient outcomes while promoting excellence in orthodontics in the digital world

Your Partners

The Ortho Partners was born from the enthusiasm and passion of both Dr Vivaldi and Dr Baisi. With over a combined 5, 000 digital treatment plans between them, they realised that with the advent of fully digital technologies, it has now become possible to design treatment for our patients in the digital world, with Invisalign® the forerunner in this exciting future.

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Your Partners: Dr Baisi and Dr Vivaldi

Treatment Planning

We guide you through the entire customised process from the initial submission of your case information text and photographs, all the way to our diagnosis and customised treatment planning results. You will receive advice for aligner mechanics as well as advanced mechanics for more challenging cases.

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Treatment Planning

Benefits and Testimonials

You will learn diagnosis, treatment planning and mechanics with every new case submitted. In addition you will grow your practice, delivering predictable outcomes for your patients.


"I have been using The Ortho Partners services to help me negotiate my way around Invisalign®. The attention to detail as well as tips and tricks provided, make my Invisalign® journey safe and predictable which has made my practice stress free."  A.K Melbourne

"The videos provided have been a huge help and I believe have enabled me to provide more predictable and faster treatments to my patients, and certainly contributed to a greater understanding of what makes a good set-up"  B.D Melbourne

"Having The Ortho Partners overlook and mentor me through cases has provided me with a lot more confidence in providing my patients with the best treatment options and outcomes"  K.T Sydney